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personal trainer

A MindWalking Trainer could be working as a session guide, a course supervisor or a personal coach. MindWalking Trainers are trained to a high standard of competence before they are qualified and issued a certificate. We do not recommend that you receive MindWalking from anyone who is not listed on this website. There is strict quality control through close cooperation with a MindWalking Supervisor by e-mail or telephone, before the next session is done.

You find our trainers in Germany and Austria.


Rolf Ulrich Kramer
+49 5273 895 26
Postfach 1361
D-37677 Beverungen

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Anna Kramer
+ 49 173 973 88 73
60596 Frankfurt / 55116 Mainz (main locations)
10247 Berlin (according to the arrangement)

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Markus Novak
+43 664 460 55 44
Pötzleinsdorfer Straße 92
A-1180 Wien

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Since MindWalking is not a company but a trade mark, each MindWalking Trainer is self-employed and makes his own fees. They depend on the economic standard of the country he lives in and on his level of expertise. Please enquire with the trainer of your choice.

Session fees are set by the hour. Coaching, seminars and workshops are calculated according to daily rates.

Corporate Rates

We offer a free first interview after which an offer can be worked out to suit your purposes.

No joy, no pay

Should you not be pleased with the way we are working, and should you say so within the first two or three hours of receiving a MindWalking service, the action is stopped and there is no fee.