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Unbounded! – Exploring Spirituality through MindWalking, vol. I

Consciousness knows no bounds. The spirit, in reaching for all-encompassing wholeness, will break through all boundaries of the known. Precisely this is happening in dozens of cases presented in vol. I of “Unbounded!” Uninitiated people with no desire for any type of spiritual adventure trips, people who are firmly set to get down to the source of their life troubles, cannot help recalling out-of-body experiences, previous lives, pre-natal times, telepathic connections with the living and the dead, contacts with demonic entities. A thrilling book, written by a competent professional in the fields of psychotherapy and personality development.

The book: "Unbounded! – Exploring Spirituality through MindWalking, vol. I".

Unbounded! – Exploring Spirituality through MindWalking, vol. II

In vol. II of “Unbounded!”, clients are seen to fully extend their consciousness in the attempt to grasp ultimate spiritual truth, and so are lead to astounding discoveries of worlds way beyond the perimeter of the Earth. During the ongoing MindWalking session, contacts are made with hostile alien entities as well as well-meaning angelic beings. Mystical insights open up which compare to the peak points of any spiritual tradition. – A breathtaking journey through the utter reaches of the mind, yet always based on sound psychological principles.

The book: Unbounded! – Exploring Spirituality through MindWalking, vol. II.

The Future is Yours!

“The Future is Yours!” is a self-help book about how to make life worth living, be it business life, family or private. It starts people wherever they may stand, takes them by the hand and leads them to an attainable future.

A reader's testimonial: „I did not expect the entire book to be filled with usefulness nor did I expect that it would be so easily implemented. From the first chapter I could tell that your book was not like any management book that I had read or heard of. I started to implement some of the processes outlined in your book to myself, my boss, my employees and in particular to the director of another department. To have the amount of results that I have received so far is impressive.“ – Nancy P. (USA)

The book: The Future is Yours!.


“Through the White” - A Passage From Death to Rebirth

Session Summary: In order to find the cause of a personal problem a straightforward recall technique is used. The client contacts his past death in a bus accident. He recalls “going through the white”, losing all consciousness, and - only weeks later - finding himself taking the body of his brother's freshly born son. He is now his own uncle. This confirms the feeling the father always had, namely that his son strongly resembles his late brother. On being told by the client about his findings, the family feels happy. (Session duration: seven hours in two consecutive days.)

Read the whole session: “Through the White” - A Passage From Death to Rebirth.