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Markus Novak
MindWalking Instructor

Hello, my name is Markus Novak. Born 1971 in Vienna/Austria, I studied business administration at the Vienna University of Economics, and business as well as quality engineering at the TGM Wien (Vienna). My professional career includes management of projects and products in high-technology industry as well as in the educational sector.

I am married and enjoy a lovely family life with my wife and two boys. Presently I'm doing my PhD at the Institute for Intervention, Research, and Cultural Sustainability at the Alpen- Adria-University of Klagenfurt.

Personally and professionally I was always fascinated with management as an art. Management to me means making people cooperate successfully, and getting them to create their personal success in life. The way I see it there is an aesthetic beauty to a well-run life.

For this reason I have spent the major part of my life studying various schools of personality development and training, always striving to support people in finding their integrity, and mental balance. Since 1994 I have assisted Rolf Ulrich Kramer in the development of MindWalking. Since 2002 I am certified to train others on all qualification levels of MindWalking.

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