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What isn't quite the way
you would like to have it?

In your first appointment you would receive a thorough interview to pinpoint the job that needs doing. No matter what case you might be presenting for handling, the process is invariably started with the question: “What isn't quite the way you would like to have it?”

On the basis of that a tailor-made programme is worked out for you. It usually consists of a combination of in-depth memory sessions, individual coaching, and seminars or workshops.


A session is an in-depth memory process. Mental images, associations, or even telepathic contacts which come to mind in connection with the subject of your choice, are detected and described.

This activity may at times call up all of your strength. Even though, the end result is worth it. You will have acquired clarity on the facts of the incident in question. You will feel serene ad light-hearted whilst recounting the incident, troublesome as it might have been. And with that, your ability to handle life improves.

Sessions are conducted between you and your MindWalking Trainer. You sit facing each other at a table (i.e. you do not lie on a couch, on a mattress, or on the floor).

You are in your normal wakeful state. Whether you leave your eyes open or close them is up to you, it plays no role.

Please note that MindWalking is not therapy, but awareness training with the purpose of personality development. The client is not being "regressed" to some distant past but made aware of what is on his mind right there and then in the present. What is getting in your way is now, not in the past. For this reason the terms "session guide" and "session partner" are used instead of "therapist" and "patient".

How MindWalking is different

No hypnosis is used, no trance induced. There are no “tricks”. To guarantee a valid end result, we work in blocks of session time instead of single hours. The MindWalking Trainer has high empathy. Ye t he restricts himself to listening and encouraging you to go on. He offers no diagnosis, no symbolic interpretations, no suggestions, no "knowing better", no channelling. The connection between incidents of the past and your present condition are always recognisable to you.

MindWalking Solo

The personal development processes used in memory sessions can also be implemented by you alone in your home environment. This is called MindWalking Solo. The idea is for you to be self-sufficient and not depend on a session guide. It takes some training to do this, though. Please enquire.


In a coaching session you address the situations you consider problematic in day-to-day life. The emphasis is not on the cause of the trouble, which is what you would do in your memory sessions, but on how to handle it in practical terms.

With your MindWalking Trainer as a coach you work though relevant exercises and partner trainings. The focus is on the areas of communication, emotion, leadership, organisation, and ethics. In coaching your individual situation is addressed by means of a tailor-made program. Seminars however are based on a set program.

The future is yours when you have a clear-cut vision and the certainty that you can turn it into reality.

MindWalking in Business

We are offering workshops and coachings specifically tailored to the needs of the corporate world. The process is started off with an interview in which the situation at hand is analysed. A solution-oriented program is designed by us and discussed with you. You will have to accept and appreciate its logic and its practical steps. Only on that basis can we expect to work with each other successfully.

The fundamentals of this you can find out about in "The Future is Yours!" by Rolf U. Kramer.


There is no lecturing. Right from the start you learn exclusively by experiencing.

Course participants interact in pairs, actively working their way through key situations reflecting real life circumstances. There is no need to fear embarrassment as no private matters are exposed or discussed.

We would be happy to design a seminar or workshop for you that is just right for your individual purpose.

Please enquire. Length and price of the seminar will be calculated on the basis of an individualised interview with you.

Communication, Emotion and Leadership: The magic triangle.

This, our standard workshop, covers pretty much everything that could go wrong in private life and business.

Communication, emotion and leadership are closely interwoven. You cannot have one without also considering the other two. Any time you have an idea and wish to turn it into a reality, any time you are starting something off, you simultaneously assume a leadership position. One goes with the other. Now, as you communicate your bright idea to all those concerned, you'll find their emotions welling up. Which leaves you wondering what on Earth is going on there?

The answer is found in this training. It takes three full days and, in terms of dynamics, is best done with 8 to 12 participants. It can also be done as individual coaching, in which case it takes only two days, but the group option is preferable. Working with a number of different people facilitates your personal realisations.

The focus is on synergy, on accepting rather than rejecting, on win-win rather than win-lose. Communication is not looked at as mere words, but as interaction in the broadest sense, the interaction existing between living beings of all kinds. Key principles of ethics are also covered.

The lessons understood on the course can be applied anywhere, anytime, be it in business management, education, family, or your own personal life.