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Welcome at MindWalking

A lighter way
into the future.


Do you sometimes ask yourself: "Where do I come from? What am I doing here? What's the point?" Using MindWalking techniques you can find your personal answers to these questions. You will discover, or perhaps re-discover, yourself.

MindWalking restores to you the power and courage to create life according to your own determinism. You can recognize the origin of unwanted conditions and become the author of new, desirable ones. Two intensive days of MindWalking might change your life.

Why "A lighter way into the future"? Because in private life as well as in business, the future is everybody´s major concern since we cannot always be sure what it is going to bring. The frustrations of yesterday make tomorrow look uncertain. Yet taking away the attention on the past makes us look at the future brightly and purposefully. We can then move on lightly and with confidence.

Life makes sense at the moment we have a vision and the firm believe that we are going to live up to it.

What MindWalking
can do for you

MindWalking helps you detect and remove self-imposed limitations created in the past.

Self-imposed limitations can show as bad habits or in form of inadequate organisation and leadership. You may have noticed such unwanted behaviour patterns getting in your way as you go through life.

In MindWalking, these patterns are first pinpointed in an initial interview. Then they are traced down to their source. Oppressive memories going along with self-sabotaging phrases are found and neutralised. This approach serves to resolve individual problems as well as those encountered in the business world.

Sessions and coachings are done in individual sessions with a personal session guide. The session focus is on the conscious recognition of unwanted mental images, fears, and misgivings. The capacity to look at them with ease is gradually built up. With this having been achieved, rational and constructive decisions can once again be made.

The book to read: „Unbounded! – Exploring Spirituality through MindWalking, vol. I and II, by Rolf U. Kramer

MindWalking assists you in envisioning and creating your future.

Your MindWalking trainer facilitates your specifying and clarifying wishes and life goals. A plan to arrive there for real is worked out, in particular the necessary organisation or reorganisation of life and business.

The subject of ethics is also covered, since the rights and wrongs of your plans are discussed in depth. The coaching can be done in individual sessions as well as team work in small groups.

The book to read: „The Future is Yours!“ by Rolf U. Kramer

MindWalking strengthens you to confidently face the present.

Life can indeed be made difficult by the emotions, inefficiency and incompetence of the people you work and live with. Personally you simply wish to move things forward, and communicate correspondingly, yet consistently you bump into resistance.

It is obvious: communication, emotion and leadership are intimately connected. Handling this magic triangle with ease and elegance is accomplished by a number of training steps. Micro situations are played through in detail which correspond to the macro situations of real daily life. The emphasis is on detecting and observing your own unwanted behaviour patterns and changing them to be more adequate and effective.

This can be done in individual sessions with a professional or with a group during seminars. The reading materials are provided as course packs containing the relevant information.


MindWalking methods are based on the conditioning theory of Pavlow and Watson, on clientcentered therapy according to Carl Rogers, and on principles of depth psychology. Philosophically you will find links to eastern concepts such as Zen Buddhism, Taoism, and Aikido. With regard to scientific theory and logic the Operational Philosophy of Anatol Rapoport is fundamental.

The name „MindWalking“ was created in the context of a seminar tour by the author through Australia, in 1996.

In MindWalking sessions a GSR (Galvanic Skin Response meter) is often used. You can read up on it in this article: Monitoring Counselling Sessions via Skin Resistance (GSR).

Clients' Statements

Lawrence R. (South Africa)
"Having done the 3 day session program, I can simply say it was truly 'life-changing', most importantly with regard to my work, career and "what the hell am I doing here?". The information gleaned covered my "journey" from the very beginning to today and this provided a massive amount of relief. Thus I want to proceed with the training side in order to attain the certification required to help others."

Marlene L. (South Africa)
"MindWalking enabled me to identify in a short space of time an issue which had plagued me for most of my life. The "solution" was not instantaneous, but an ongoing process, whereby I find that I am calmer and not as reactive to situations as I was before, and it is improving all the time. Further it has given me deeper insight to what my life is all about and what still needs to be done. It is not looking for a quick fix, but a solution that unfolds as what deeper understanding is achieved.”

David P. (Australia)
"The benefits of working with the MindWalking tools and approaches are major and arguably unique in their efficiency and effectiveness. Maybe the best metaphor is to imagine MindWalking as laser guided surgery to operate on and heal the problem areas of our minds. The great advantage is that you can control the gradient of your surgery so that you can pace the benefits to fit your needs."


A MindWalking session focuses on situations that are out of synch with your desired optimum state. In working with an expert MindWalking Trainer, the exact areas you wish to improve are addressed and changed for the better. This can be done in form of individual in-depth memory sessions, individual coaching, or group seminars.

Above all: self-determinism

Personality development as well as business development go hand in hand. Both mean that you are working on yourself. You find your own answers in your own way, nobody does it for you.

In MindWalking you will not be given suggestions, good advice or judgemental statements. Your MindWalking Trainer will never solve any of your problems "for" you. You will be guided to find your own solutions by recognizing and undoing all the factors that contributed to the underlying conflict.

In this way you will put aside old habits and build new ones, first in your mind, then in real life. This process will take as long as it takes. This is different with each person.

You are fully informed about the state and progress of your sessions and/or your coaching at all times. There are no secrets.

MindWalking does not cause any miracles. Only you yourself can do this.

Your Appointment

Coaching and workshops usually take some days, and this can be well predicted depending on the situation at hand. Yet with memory sessions it is different. Here one does not know ahead of time how many hours you will need to detect and neutralise oppressive memories and thoughts. So even here the scheduling is for two or three days, just to be on the safe side. Otherwise a good result could not be guaranteed.

A MindWalking working day runs, as a rule, between 9 am and 7 pm. In this time span five to eight hours of actual coaching are done.

The confrontation with personal as well as management questions will invariably lead to internal resistance. You are therefore well advised to eat and sleep well in the days before your appointment. Alcohol and drugs impair the ability to concentrate, so please do no use any of theses substances prior to your appointment.