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Becoming a

Many hats to wear

As a MindWalking-Trainer you could be either a Session Guide, a Course Instructor, a Personal Coach, and even all of that, depending on your level of training. Given enough experience, you could even become a Supervisor, and as such train and instruct others and correct their sessions.

To work in this fashion, i. e. professionally, you would need to apply for a license since MindWalking is a registered trademark in Europe, South Africa and Australia.

If you, for private purposes, were only aiming at becoming a solo MindWalker you would also be required to follow this curriculum, if on a lowered standard. This is because in order to get the hang of it, it is advisable that you first work with others before dealing with your own mind.

The Curriculum

To start with there three Basic Courses as a minimum requirement (see below). Each course takes three to four days.

Basic Course 1

Basic Course 1 addresses communication and leadership with emotional understanding – the magic triangle.

Basic Course 2

Basic Course 2 introduces you to the art of assisting your session partner to call up memories. In the Life Review he focuses on the pleasant aspects of life. In the Relationship Clearing he comes to terms with stressful aspects of his life.

Basic Course 3

On this course you learn to guide your session partner to find the path down to the traumatic incident that answers up to his unwanted condition. Past lives, telepathic connections, entity attachments, and such are encountered.


You have to produce good results on a number of session partners on Basic Course 2 before you are progressed onto Basic Course 3. Each and every session is supervised by e-mail or telephone. Once you are doing well you may apply for a certificate.


These are the Life Quality Coach, the Basic Session Guide, the Advanced Session Guide, the Expert Session Guide, the Course Instructor, and the Supervisor. Until you have become a Supervisor you will receive supervision yourself.


It is required that you receive sessions yourself, and then continue your personality development all by yourself by running solo session programs on subjects of your choice. In other words, you are only let loose on the rest of humanity after having cleaned out a lot of your own stuff, and have gathered plenty of experience that way. MindWalking is an exploration of the mind, and that includes yours.

Duration and cost

The duration depends entirely on how much time you can devote to giving sessions. You go along as you like, from course to course. With most people it takes a year before they receive their first certificate. Up to the level of Supervisor it takes a good three years. The cost depends on the level of certificate you are going for. It is somewhere between 2500 and 6000 Euros. The money is paid as you go along, i.e. not as a prior lump sum.