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Anna Kramer
MindWalking Trainer

Hello, I am Anna Kramer. The well-being of people, animals, and our natural environment has always been close to my heart. Even as a child I began to notice that people are the happiest at moments when they are free from self-doubt and insecurity. Consequently, I became a Make-up Artist and Masseuse. I support my clients in discovering new sides of themselves, making them feel more beautiful, relaxed and radiant.

But true wellness comes from within, through serenity, acceptance of the past and confidence in the future. MindWalking is a really good way to achieve these qualities as I could observe with myself and others. This is why I became a MindWalking Trainer, working since 2006 as a Coach and Session Guide.

Apart from that I take jobs as a freelance Make-up Artist, and am also doing my BA in Communication Science at the university of Mainz, Germany.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

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